Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ranch Pork Chops

One day I was trying to learn more about blogging tips and tricks when I came across a blog which is now one of my faves and it's called "Living, Laughing, & Loving." Anyways...I read about an easy recipe that could be cooked in a crock pot and how it was made with only three ingredients. Now I'm not sure about you...but that got me riled with excitement (lol). So I talked it over with my hubby and we decided to do this for our dinner. So get ready and hopefully I don't lose you along the way. (just kidding!) 


1 pkg - Pork Chops (no matter bone-in or boneless) 
2 cns - Cream of Chicken Soup + 1 can of water
1 pk -  Ranch Seasoning Dry Mix Packet
Chopped Onions / Mushrooms (*Optional)

  1. Add the Cream of Chicken Soup + 1 can water to the crock pot
  2. Open the seasoning and pour into soup mixture
  3. Stir until well incorporated
  4. Lay the pork chops into the crock pot. (It's ok if you need to layer the chops)
  5. *optional* Add chopped onions atop the chops and mushrooms atop onions
  6. Cover and cook on LOW for 4-6 hours or HIGH 3-5 hours
**Time varies according to the heat of your cooker ( :

Pork Chops, Cream of 
Chicken Soup and Ranch
Seasoning Packet Mix

Mushrooms and Onions
are *Optional.

Add the Cream of Chicken,
Water and the Seasoning
Mix to the crock pot.

Stir until the ingredients
are well incorporated.

Lay the pork chops into the
mix. It's okay if you need to
layer the chops.

If you're adding onions,
just add to the top of the
pork chops.

If you're adding mushrooms,
add to the top of the onions.

Cover the crock pot and
set it to LOW for 4-6 hours
HIGH for 3-5 hours

This was my plate! It was

My husband and I were just crackin up on how easy this was. A slight feeling of guilt overcame us because normally...we're needed much longer in the kitchen. But this really felt like it was a "Cho & Go," recipe (LOL!). I will say this...if you're use to baking your pork chops, you might want to use pork chops with some fat on it. Trust would be the Winner of all Champions. The meat was tender and juicy as the gravy is seasoned just fine with the ranch packet. The fun thing about this dish is that it taste great with rice or mashed potatoes with a veggie on the side. I have added this to my collection of recipes and will get a little more creative in preparing it the next time. Please stay tune as our next dish will be Thai Coconut Shrimp and Rice.

Thank You,


aHeinezLady said...

Wow, just looking at all the pictures im getting hungry!! And guess what, I brought pork chops!! So i will be getting my ingredients and make this picture become REAL!! heheh Love this!!

Seda Feagaiga Perry. said...

Thank you. It's so simple and it does taste great too. You won't be disappointed. (:

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