Sunday, September 23, 2012

SeVae's Samoan Sapa Sui

When my husband Vae and I decided what our next dish would be...we both knew that it's a favorite  among the Samoan Community. So, the pressure was on 'cause we knew it better be good. Although, there are many ways to make this particular dish...we wanted to make up our own personal recipe so we could literally put our name on it. Hence the title, "SeVae's Samoan Sapa Sui." The funny thing about making up our recipe was knowing what we wanted to put in it; But, we weren't sure of the measurements for each ingredient. However, I am a strong believer that since we both love to cook...I'm sure we'll be able to wing our way through. I mean after all...the Bible says, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for. The evidence of things not seen." However, I am also reminded that, "Faith without works is dead!"  So, with this was now time to get up and put it into action. we go. Get ready to get the crock out and join us on our journey as we bring this recipe into fruition! ( :

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pork Adobo

First of all...I need to apologize for not being able to post the recipe for the "Thai Coconut Shrimp & Rice"  as promised. You see...I did make it and somehow was confused about converted rice and chose to use regular medium grain instead. Everything looked and smelled so tempting and had us anticipating an awesome dinner. But when the time was up--the rice was mushy; I was hoping that I could save this dish...but it was a definite, flatline. It looked like a hot crockin mess. So, I had laid it to rest and vowed to never visit it again. ( : that I've cleared the air on the failed dish, I needed to replace it with another. So, I decided on "Pork Adobo." I have personally tried and tested it in my kitchen using the stove. But, I have never tried cooking it in a crock-pot. Honestly, after being defeated by the previous recipe...I did have my fingers and eyes crossed on this one. But yet, I felt this is a fail proof recipe. I don't believe anyone could mess it up. It's either that...or I am in denial. (Lol!) I go again. I'm about to release the crockin once more.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ranch Pork Chops

One day I was trying to learn more about blogging tips and tricks when I came across a blog which is now one of my faves and it's called "Living, Laughing, & Loving." Anyways...I read about an easy recipe that could be cooked in a crock pot and how it was made with only three ingredients. Now I'm not sure about you...but that got me riled with excitement (lol). So I talked it over with my hubby and we decided to do this for our dinner. So get ready and hopefully I don't lose you along the way. (just kidding!) 

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