Monday, August 13, 2012

Tasty Kalua Pork

Here in Hawaii it wouldn't be a luau if there's no kalua pig. Well we all know how expensive it is to purchase  just one beast; However, you can make it in your crock-pot without spending big dollars, putting in all the labor that's required, nor would you need to dig an imu in your backyard. The only difference will be called Kalua Pork instead. I remember when my hubby made this for dinner one night when we were living in an apartment. I thought he bought it or someone gave it to him. But the truth was that he cooked it in our crock-pot which was quietly sitting on the kitchen counter. I'll be honest with you...he has been my hero ever since! So...are you ready for this? Let's get crockin!


2-3 Pounds of Pork Butt or Pork Slab
2 teaspoons of Liquid Smoke (1 tsp. per lb.)
Sea Salt
Garlic Salt (optional to kick it up a notch)
Ti-Leaves (optional to line the bottom of crock-pot)
Set on LOW for 4-5 hours

Pork, Sea Salt, Liquid Smoke,
and Garlic Salt

Place Pork in a bowl. Add the sea
salt and garlic salt. 

Add the Liquid Smoke and gently
rub the salt and smoke flavor into
the pork. No be shy! Massage
'em and you'll be glad you did.

Place pork into the crock-pot. If 
you'd could line the bottom
of the crock-pot with ti-leaves. I guess
it'll really give it that e'a e'a feeling.

Simply cover the crock-pot and let
the magic happen. Set it on LOW 
for approx. 5-6 hours.

When the pork is done. Simply shred
the pork with a fork. 

Immediately after the Kalua Pork was done plate was all prepared with white rice, a scoop of macaroni salad, ahi poke w/oyster sauce, and lomi lomi salmon. I was speechless while indulging in this local feast. All I could hear was the oohs and aah coming from my family while eating. The crock-pot allows the meat to become so tender, light, and seasoned to perfection. This would also be extremely delish if you decide to slap 'em between some buns. Makes one heck of a sandwich. I guarantee this dish will have everybody wanting you to make more. Stay tuned for our next dish which will be Chicken Long Rice.

Thank You,

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aHeinezLady said...

Wow, I am ready to get out my crock pot and start cooking! This is the simplest way ever to make Kalua Pork!! I am definitely gonna try it!!

Seda P. said...

Yes it is ultimately the easiest way to cook Kalua Pork. It's so can just Cho and Go. Just throw 'em in and go wherever you need to and return to your own little luau without the hassle and cost. I guarantee you and your family will ♥ it.

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